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Halloween Guru 4 U is your one stop for all things Halloween. We provide personal shopper services for Halloween enthusiast of all types who desire to turn their chosen venue in to a sinister pit of despair. We understand that some may lack the time or artistic eye to bring their desired themes to life…this is where Halloween Guru 4 U can come to your rescue.

As your personal shopper, Halloween Guru 4 U can collaborate with you to bring your specified Halloween design themes to life, or we can suggest various decorative themes for your haunt. We can do all of the cyber legwork for you, by hunting down a collection of items that will comprise your overall desired Halloween decorative theme.

Our services leverage many online sites to direct you to the best decorative ideas, props, prices and product availability.

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The Exorcist Rising Regan Animated Prop

The Exorcist Rising Regan Animated Prop

What could be worse than watching Regan possessed by the devil - unless it's happening in your own home. The life-size officially licensed The Exorcist Regan Rising animated prop does exactly what

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